We accepted the challenge and developed new approach in breakthrough battery technology. We established the funding capabilities in the industry and smoothly launched the program on times to eliminate financial risk.

Our management team was very qualified that our proactive well funded financial support, our knowledge, experience and relationship to deliver the best programing that successfully executed what has been developed our miracle in energy. We’ve found the holly grail of battery technology which is significant to our long term growth.

Fukoku Denshi believes that our new approach to battery technology and our breakthroughs make it safe, efficient and commercially viable, and our goal is to get this technology out to let it do its job.

Here are some highlights of the battery technology we have developed:

  • Cost effective;
  • Earth abundant materials;
  • High density and cost density;
  • High performance in a low cost system;
  • different structural design;
  • 3D/2D electron (ionization) technology and architecture with advances structural design that separates critical battery functions, which increase both the amount of energy it can generate and the lifeline of the battery;
  • High amperage energy device;
  • renewable energy efficiency;